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Screen cast on pushback and RDForms incl. a demo

Thanks to Keith I’ve finally found a nice capture tool (worth the 29$) for my Mac to do a screen cast on pushback and RDForms. Here is the result – enjoy 😉

Turning the read-only Web of Data into a read-write Web of Data (the demo part starts around 3min 30sec):

We introduce pushback, a method that enables writing changes to non-RDF sources such as flickr, Twitter, Amazon, etc. from an RDF document. The video explains our motivation, the architecture and the interaction between the components as well as RDForms. A demo (for Jira, a professional issue tracker system) is included in this video, where we show how to create, deploy and use an RDForm.

As a side note: the last 5sec or so are somehow crap; I was hoping vimeo would allow me to trim it, but …


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2 thoughts on “Screen cast on pushback and RDForms incl. a demo

  1. Only the first 58 seconds are embedded; click through to vimeo to see the rest.

    Posted by Jodi Schneider | 2009-03-15, 22:56
    • Jodi, thanks for pointing this out; IIRC, Ann Bassetti mentioned the same issue yesterday evening. Sorry for the inconvenience caused – anyone knows if this is a limitation by WP or how I can fix this?

      Posted by woddiscovery | 2009-03-16, 05:55

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