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Using RDFa to publish linked data

Yesterday we had our first DERI-internal RDFa hands-on workshop. More than 20 colleagues attended, equipped with their laptop and a RDFa cheat sheet we provided. The goal was to support people in manually marking up their Web pages with RDFa, contributing to the growing Web of Data.

We plan to hold this workshop every two weeks, so in case you’re around, come and join us!


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4 thoughts on “Using RDFa to publish linked data

  1. I think Linked Data + RDFa is key for the “web of data” to grow and move forward. Embedding RDF in web pages and “data linking” to other web pages with embedded RDF is necessary for credibility of data sources since search engines will know that the RDF data is the same data that is being displayed to the user. If search engines give a good SEO boost to web pages built like this then more and more people might implement it, eventually creating a massive web of data.

    One hindrance is that RDFa is a bit difficult to implement.

    This cheat sheet helps out, thanks!

    Posted by John Wright | 2010-07-27, 01:59


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