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Linked Open Data star scheme by example

I like TimBL’s 5-star deployment scheme for Linked Open Data. However, every time I use it to explain the migration path from ‘no-data-on-the-Web’ to the ‘Full Monty’, no matter if to students, in training sessions or to industry partners, there comes a point where it would be very handy to refer to a concrete example that demonstrates the entire scheme.

Well, there we go. At


you can find the examples for the 5-star scheme, ranging from a PDF to full-blown Linked Data (in RDFa).

Now, just for fun – what will the minimal temperature tomorrow be in Galway? See the power of Linked Open Data in action

… and in case you wanna play around with the data yourself, here is the SPARQL query for the previous answer:

PREFIX xsd: <http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#&gt;
PREFIX meteo: <http://purl.org/ns/meteo#&gt;
PREFIX : <http://lab.linkeddata.deri.ie/2010/star-scheme-by-example/gtd-5.html#&gt;
SELECT ?tempC from <http://any23.org/rdfxml/http://lab.linkeddata.deri.ie/2010/star-scheme-by-example/gtd-5.html&gt;
:Galway meteo:forecast ?forecast .
?forecast meteo:predicted "2010-11-13T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime ;
meteo:temperature ?temp .
?temp meteo:celsius ?tempC .

Note: to execute the SPARQL query, paste it for example into http://sparql.org/sparql.html and toy around with the patterns.

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4 thoughts on “Linked Open Data star scheme by example

  1. Very nice idea but I wonder if there can be another step between 3 and 4 for all those people and organizations that have not yet developed or agreed upon a vocabulary. Some of these could just give a URI to their data, for example an URI for each law. Do you think it could make sense ?

    Posted by Luigi Selmi | 2010-11-12, 11:34
    • Luigi,

      Absolutely! The key here is really assigning URIs to things. Of course it would be nice if, when one dereferences the URI, some RDF comes back, but this is IMHO a step one can make somewhere else (essentially during consumption, 3rd party services, etc.). So, if people mint (fine-granular) URIs, in my understanding they’re already doing 4 star publishing.


      Posted by woddiscovery | 2010-11-12, 11:38
  2. Michael,
    it’s what i really loved to hear! So governments don’t have excuses since I don’t think it would be expensive to start opening their data simply giving an URI to the most important things they produce. After that they or someone else can choose or build some vocabularies to ease data consumption and integration.


    Posted by Luigi Selmi | 2010-11-12, 11:51
  3. Any real examples of these stars being used yet?

    Posted by Dan | 2010-12-08, 16:47

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