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Schema.org + WebIntents = Awesomeness

Imagine you search for a camera, say a Canon EOS 60D, and in addition to the usual search results you’re as well offered a choice of actions you can perform on it, for example share the result with a friend, write a review for the item or, why not directly buy it?

Enhancing SERP with actions

Sounds far fetched? Not at all. In fact, all the necessary components are available and deployed. With Schema.org we have a way to describe the things we publish on our Web pages, such as books or cameras and with WebIntents we have a technology at hand that allows us to interact with these things in a flexible way.

Here are some starting points in case you want to dive into WebIntents a bit:

PS: I started to develop a proof of concept for mapping Schema.org terms to WebIntents and will report on the progress, here. Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Schema.org + WebIntents = Awesomeness

  1. Would this be possible to use it with Drupal?Thanks

    Posted by Sokratis | 2012-07-09, 10:05
    • Sokratis,

      Sure – it’s independent of the underlying CMS or Web application as long as they implement the interfaces as defined in the spec.

      Posted by mhausenblas | 2012-07-09, 10:14
  2. Thanks for you post. E-commerce / search engines will benefit when they will allow us to save our searches as a sort of RSS feed. When new items that match the saved search criteria are added (price range, model, color, etc.), a new post is feed to us. Am I dreaming here? eBay offers it on its site. However, search engines would benefit from culling information from the entire web. I’m interested to hear from anyone about the feasibility of this or if any of the search engines are doing this yet.

    Posted by Digital Asset Wrangler | 2012-07-10, 10:35


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