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MapR, Europe and me

MapRYou might have already heard that MapR, the leading provider of enterprise-grade Hadoop and friends, is launching its European operations.

Guess what? I’m joining MapR Europe as of January 2013 in the role of Chief Data Engineer EMEA and will support our technical and sales teams throughout Europe. Pretty exciting times ahead!

As an aside: as I recently pointed out, I very much believe that Apache Drill and Hadoop offer great synergies and if you want to learn more about this come and join us at the Hadoop Summit where my Drill talk has been accepted for the Hadoop Futures session.

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9 thoughts on “MapR, Europe and me

  1. Congrats!!

    Posted by Camuel Gilyadov | 2013-01-01, 20:42
  2. …congrats from Munich!

    Posted by Daniel Koller (@dakoller) | 2013-01-01, 20:45
  3. Congratulations to Michael and welcome.

    Posted by Ted Dunning | 2013-01-02, 07:12
    • Thanks, Ted and looking forward to many fruitful activities!

      Posted by mhausenblas | 2013-01-02, 11:07
  4. Congrats Michael! Sounds interesting, and I know you’ve a lot to offer them 🙂

    Posted by dannyayers | 2013-01-07, 17:51

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