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Turning tabular data into entities

Two widely used data formats on the Web are CSV and JSON. In order to enable fine-grained access in an hypermedia-oriented fashion I’ve started to work on Tride, a mapping language that takes one or more CSV files as inputs and produces a set of (connected) JSON documents. In the 2 min demo video I … Continue reading

Linked Open Data star scheme by example

Shows the 5-star deployment scheme for Linked Open Data in action. Continue reading

LDC09 dataset dynamics demo – screencast

Update: for the dataset dynamics demo developed during the Linked Data Camp Vienna there is now also a screen-cast available (video, slides in PDF):

Linked Data Camp Vienna hacking wrap-up

J├╝rgen Umbrich and I virtually participated in the LDC09 session regarding datasets dynamics. Over the past couple of days, we hacked a little demo on a distributed change notification system for Linked Open Data, based on voiD+dady and (a slightly modified version ) of an Atom feed. Here is the overall setup: In case you … Continue reading

Toying around with (embedded) WebAccessControl

So TimBL has provided a nice write-up on a Web of Data version of a simple authorization scheme and protocol called WebAccessControl (WAC). It includes a draft of a vocabulary and a protocol (see also open issues with it). I thought it might be nice to have a visual representation of the schema and hence … Continue reading

Exploring linked data inline

So there are a couple of great RDF browser out there already such as Tabulator and ODE or VisiNav, but what I haven’t seen so far is what I call inline-browsing. The before mentioned browsers all more or less take the entire RDF graph and render some sort of tabular or other view (time line, … Continue reading

Having your profile forms automatic filled in …

You know that situation. Every time you want to order flowers via the Web or book a flight (where you not happen to be a premium member of the airline’s frequent fliers club having all the data handy), you are urged to fill in the most stupid and plain forms. Day in, day out, the … Continue reading