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Ye shall not DELETE data!

Where I suggest that rather than to delete data on the Web, create a new version of it to prevent lossy data. Continue reading

Data and the Web – a great many of choices

Jan Algermissen recently compiled a very useful Classification of HTTP-based APIs. This, together with Mike Amundsen‘s interesting review of Hypermedia Types made me think about data and the Web. One important aspect of data is “on the Web vs. in the Web” as Rick Jelliffe already highlighted in 2002: To explain my POV, let me … Continue reading

Do we have a Linked Data research agenda?

At WWW09 a bunch of leading Linked Data researchers came together and kicked-off the process for drafting a ‘Research Agenda For Linked Data’. Since then, a couple of things happened. So, coming back to the title of this post: do we have a Linked Data research agenda? The answer is a clear: it depends 😉 … Continue reading

Announcing Application Metadata on the Web of Data

I’m just about to release a new version of the voiD editor, called ve2. It’s currently located at http://ld2sd.deri.org/ve2/ (note that this is a temporary location; I gotta find some time setting up our new LiDRC lab environment). Anyway, the point is really: every now and then one deploys a Web application (such as ve2; … Continue reading

Using Linked Data

Ok, so finally the IEEE Internet Computing article on Exploiting Linked Data to Build Web Applications is available. Though this is a nice first step, much more is needed to advance the field. The goal is to enable people to actually use linked data in their Web applications, rather than ‘only’ publish datasets. Don’t misunderstand … Continue reading

SPARQL endpoint discovery with /sparql

Daniel Schwabe recently kicked-off a discussion regarding Finding SPAQL endpoints? over at the public-lod@w3.org mailing list. Basically, Daniel asked if it was not possible for every linked data publisher to follow a simple convention, that is to have the SPARQL endpoint available at common location such as /sparql – as Daniel found out, this is … Continue reading

Alternative approach to escape the ‘non-information’ resource dilemma

As just posted to the TAG list, my ‘attempt to defined non-information resources without using non-information resource‘ – I’d love to learn about your opinion here, in case you are not yet subscribed to the TAG mailing list 😉

An Attempt of a Web Discovery Stack

Continuing the (good?) tradition of creating stacks (OSI model, Semantic Web, W3C Technology, etc.) when there are too many technologies floating around, I did some drawing and came up with: The Web Discovery Stack as shown here is an attempt to get the many proposals and ideas around discovery into some shape or scheme. The … Continue reading

How to Deal with Broken Data Links

So, we all came across 404 on the Web of Documents, right? Bernhard Haslhofer recently raised an issue at the public-lod@w3.org mailing list regarding Broken Links in LOD Data Sets, which unfortunately didn’t yield big and deep discussions. I intend to rehash the thread here, come up with a straw-man proposal and ask you for … Continue reading