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On the usage of Linksets

Answering Daniel Koller’s question if and how voiD linksets are used in an automatic manner. Continue reading


A case for Central Points of Access (CPoA) in decentralised systems

This post has been triggered by a Twitter thread, where I replied to @olyerickson that I think https://subj3ct.com is a good thing to have. Then, @hvdsomp noted (rightly!) that registries don’t scale (in reference to a conversation we had earlier on). Big confusion, right? Michael says one thing and then the opposite on the very … Continue reading

SPARQL endpoint discovery with /sparql

Daniel Schwabe recently kicked-off a discussion regarding Finding SPAQL endpoints? over at the public-lod@w3.org mailing list. Basically, Daniel asked if it was not possible for every linked data publisher to follow a simple convention, that is to have the SPARQL endpoint available at common location such as /sparql – as Daniel found out, this is … Continue reading

On the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Discovery

Imagine you’re running a research group of 100 people. You want to find out the expertise of your chaps and aggregate profiles. Sure, you can perfectly sit down and browse through tons of materials you have about your people. Browse through their homepages, project pages, subversion commits, blog posts, tweets, logs from IRC, and you … Continue reading

Web Programming – Assembler:Java is like Web 2.0 programming:?

As Kevin Kelly pointed out in 2007 in his seminal talk Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web, the Web is one huge machine. We have different views on it (be it as a humans through HTML or a machine consuming RDF), but it is one machine. A machine that can be and actually … Continue reading

voiD 1.0 released

As just been announced over at public-lod@w3.org, the first edition of the ‘Vocabulary of Interlinked Dataset’ (voiD) has been released.