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Linked Data – the best of two worlds

On the one hand you have structured data sources such as relational DB, NoSQL datastores or OODBs and the like that allow you to query and manipulate data in a structured way. This typically involves schemata (either upfront with RDB or sort of dynamically with NoSQL that defines the data layout and the types of … Continue reading

JSON, HTTP and data links

In late 2011, Mark Nottingham, whom I very much admire on a personal and professional level, posted ‘Linking in JSON‘ which triggered quite some discussion (see the comments there). Back then already I sensed that the community at large is ready for the next aspect of the Web. A scalable, machine-targeted way to realise a … Continue reading

Oh – it is data on the Web

A little story about OData and Linked Data … Others already gave some high-level overview about OData and Linked Data, but I was interested in two concrete questions: how to utilise OData in the Linked Data Web and how to turn Linked Data into OData. As already mentioned, I consider Atom, which forms one core … Continue reading

HATEOS revisited – RDFa to the rescue?

One of the often overlooked, IMO yet important features of RESTful applications is “hypermedia as the engine of application state” (or HATEOS as RESTafarians prefer it 😉 – Roy commented on this issue a while ago: When representations are provided in hypertext form with typed relations (using microformats of HTML, RDF in N3 or XML, … Continue reading

LDC09 dataset dynamics demo – screencast

Update: for the dataset dynamics demo developed during the Linked Data Camp Vienna there is now also a screen-cast available (video, slides in PDF):

Linked Data Camp Vienna hacking wrap-up

Jürgen Umbrich and I virtually participated in the LDC09 session regarding datasets dynamics. Over the past couple of days, we hacked a little demo on a distributed change notification system for Linked Open Data, based on voiD+dady and (a slightly modified version ) of an Atom feed. Here is the overall setup: In case you … Continue reading

Streamed Linked Data ?

Though I was not able to attend the 1st International Workshop on Stream Reasoning during ESWC2009 (as I was co-chairing our SPOT workshop) I did enjoy the workshop wrap-up and summary on the last day. Each workshop organizer had ten minutes to talk about how the workshop went, what the upcoming challenges are, etc. Now, … Continue reading