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Turning tabular data into entities

Two widely used data formats on the Web are CSV and JSON. In order to enable fine-grained access in an hypermedia-oriented fashion I’ve started to work on Tride, a mapping language that takes one or more CSV files as inputs and produces a set of (connected) JSON documents. In the 2 min demo video I … Continue reading

JSON, data and the REST

Tomorrow, on 8.8. is the International JSON day. Why? Because I say so! Is there a better way to say ‘thank you’ to a person who gave us so much – yeah, I’m talking about Doug Crockford – and to acknowledge how handy, useful and cool the piece of technology is, this person ‘discovered‘? From … Continue reading

Some random notes on hypermedia and Linked Data

I stumbled over a tweet from Mike Amundsen where he essentially asked people to name some more “widely-used hypermedia-types” beside (X)HTML and Atom. Turns our Mike collected the findings and made it available at http://amundsen.com/hypermedia/. Cool. Thanks! Couple of days later I read Linking data in XML and HATEOAS where Wilhelm contemplates about Linked Data … Continue reading

HATEOS revisited – RDFa to the rescue?

One of the often overlooked, IMO yet important features of RESTful applications is “hypermedia as the engine of application state” (or HATEOS as RESTafarians prefer it 😉 – Roy commented on this issue a while ago: When representations are provided in hypertext form with typed relations (using microformats of HTML, RDF in N3 or XML, … Continue reading