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Toying around with Riak for Linked Data

So I stumbled upon Rob Vesse’s tweet the other day, where he said he was about to use MongoDB for storing RDF. A week earlier I watched a nice video about links and link walking in Riak, “a Dynamo-inspired key/value store that scales predictably and easily” (see also the Wiki doc). Now, I was wondering … Continue reading

Web of Data Access Control Discovery via HTTP Link: header

Yesterday, TimBL talked about Distributed Social Networking Through Socially Aware Cloud Storage during the W3C Social Web XG meeting. I’m not going to discuss the huge potential strategic impact of this, but rather focus on a certain ‘technical’ detail that caught my attention. In his (related) design note Socially Aware Cloud Storage, he writes: Access … Continue reading

Discussing POWDER and discovery mechanisms on the Web …

My colleague Juergen Umbrich and I had a reading group on POWDER and related technologies yesterday here at DERI. There were some interesting questions and discussion around that, esp. regarding the involved costs for implementing such mechanisms, the use cases and the progress in this area. The resource and metadata discovery domain seems all in … Continue reading