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Linked Open Data star scheme by example

Shows the 5-star deployment scheme for Linked Open Data in action. Continue reading

Quick RDFa profiling report

Where some RDFa profiling is done (load time of an HTML+RDFa document depending on number of embedded triples …) Continue reading

Using RDFa to publish linked data

Yesterday we had our first DERI-internal RDFa hands-on workshop. More than 20 colleagues attended, equipped with their laptop and a RDFa cheat sheet we provided. The goal was to support people in manually marking up their Web pages with RDFa, contributing to the growing Web of Data. We plan to hold this workshop every two … Continue reading

Announcing Application Metadata on the Web of Data

I’m just about to release a new version of the voiD editor, called ve2. It’s currently located at http://ld2sd.deri.org/ve2/ (note that this is a temporary location; I gotta find some time setting up our new LiDRC lab environment). Anyway, the point is really: every now and then one deploys a Web application (such as ve2; … Continue reading

HATEOS revisited – RDFa to the rescue?

One of the often overlooked, IMO yet important features of RESTful applications is “hypermedia as the engine of application state” (or HATEOS as RESTafarians prefer it 😉 – Roy commented on this issue a while ago: When representations are provided in hypertext form with typed relations (using microformats of HTML, RDF in N3 or XML, … Continue reading

Data Lifecycle

Though the following might seem obvious to some of you, I thought I take the time to write some lines about the data life-cycle on the Web and try to highlight some implicit assumptions and processes. We all know the old story: data itself may not be very exciting and people actually like applications rather … Continue reading

What else?

So Paul asked recently: Does Linked Data need RDF? If you drink a certain sort of coffee, I guess you are familiar with my answer: What else? 😉 Seriously. Let’s step back for a second and try to work through to the core of the issue from a totally different angle. Compare a set of … Continue reading

Toying around with (embedded) WebAccessControl

So TimBL has provided a nice write-up on a Web of Data version of a simple authorization scheme and protocol called WebAccessControl (WAC). It includes a draft of a vocabulary and a protocol (see also open issues with it). I thought it might be nice to have a visual representation of the schema and hence … Continue reading

Exploring linked data inline

So there are a couple of great RDF browser out there already such as Tabulator and ODE or VisiNav, but what I haven’t seen so far is what I call inline-browsing. The before mentioned browsers all more or less take the entire RDF graph and render some sort of tabular or other view (time line, … Continue reading

Alternative approach to escape the ‘non-information’ resource dilemma

As just posted to the TAG list, my ‘attempt to defined non-information resources without using non-information resource‘ – I’d love to learn about your opinion here, in case you are not yet subscribed to the TAG mailing list 😉