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Hosted NoSQL

I admit I dunno how I got here in the first place … ah, right, yesterday was Paddy’s day and I was sitting at home with a sick child. Now, I tinkered around a bit with a hosted CouchDB solution to store/query JSON output from a side-project of mine. Then I thought: where are we … Continue reading

Ye shall not DELETE data!

Where I suggest that rather than to delete data on the Web, create a new version of it to prevent lossy data. Continue reading

Can NoSQL help us in processing Linked Data?

Towards Web-based SPARQL query management and execution

Every now and then I use SPARQL queries to learn about a Linked Data source, to debug an RDF document such as a FOAF file or to demonstrate the usage of Web Data. Quite often I write the SPARQL queries from the scratch, I have some examples stored in some project folders along with the … Continue reading

SPARQL endpoint discovery with /sparql

Daniel Schwabe recently kicked-off a discussion regarding Finding SPAQL endpoints? over at the public-lod@w3.org mailing list. Basically, Daniel asked if it was not possible for every linked data publisher to follow a simple convention, that is to have the SPARQL endpoint available at common location such as /sparql – as Daniel found out, this is … Continue reading



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