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Supplier’s responsibility for defining equivalency on the Web of Data

Less than a year ago I asked W3C’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG) essentially if … the [image] representation derived via [content negotiation from a generic resource] is equivalent to the RDF [served from it] I asked for a “a note, a specification, etc. that normatively defines what equivalency really is”. So, after some back and … Continue reading

Alternative approach to escape the ‘non-information’ resource dilemma

As just posted to the TAG list, my ‘attempt to defined non-information resources without using non-information resource‘ – I’d love to learn about your opinion here, in case you are not yet subscribed to the TAG mailing list 😉

Thoughts on Self-Describing Web Resources, part 1

This is the first part of a series of posts regarding the recent W3C TAG finding The Self-Describing Web. The TAG started the work on the document around two years ago, in February 2007. However, its roots can be traced back to a post from Dan Connolly in 2005 labeled new issue? squatting on link … Continue reading

The Self-Describing Web

Just announced at the www-tag@w3.org list: The Self-Describing Web, a recent finding of the W3C TAG. Continue reading