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CfP: 2nd International Workshop on RESTful Design, Hyderabad, India

If you’re into RESTful stuff, no matter if you’re a researcher or practitioner, consider submitting a paper to our WWW2011 Workshop on RESTful Design (see the Call for Papers for more details on how to participate). I’m very happy to see the workshop taking place again this year, after the huge success we had last … Continue reading

Data and the Web – a great many of choices

Jan Algermissen recently compiled a very useful Classification of HTTP-based APIs. This, together with Mike Amundsen‘s interesting review of Hypermedia Types made me think about data and the Web. One important aspect of data is “on the Web vs. in the Web” as Rick Jelliffe already highlighted in 2002: To explain my POV, let me … Continue reading

HATEOS revisited – RDFa to the rescue?

One of the often overlooked, IMO yet important features of RESTful applications is “hypermedia as the engine of application state” (or HATEOS as RESTafarians prefer it 😉 – Roy commented on this issue a while ago: When representations are provided in hypertext form with typed relations (using microformats of HTML, RDF in N3 or XML, … Continue reading

Linked Data for RESTafarians

So, you took the red pill? You’re a full blown RESTafarian brother? Good news for you, then. You’ll understand linked data in less then 30sec. Ok. Step by step. REST, understood as a ‘set of constraints that inform an architecture’: Resource Identification Uniform Interface Self-Describing Messages Hypermedia Driving Application State Stateless Interactions … and now … Continue reading